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            The more significant proposals humans make to one another often involve the light of the Moon. I wonder why this is so? We live primarily in office buildings, traffic jams, dwellings, factories and shopping malls. The night is a time when great discoveries are made because a beauty lives in the light that does not show itself at other times. Night is when the news of the Universe can be more deeply attended to. It is in the peace that does not show itself at other times. Night is when the news of the Universe can be more deeply attended to. It is in the peace that the night brings that something immense can stir in the depths of the listener, things not suspected during the day. Very late – such is the time for the great surprise deep in the listener’s soul. For what was invisible. For what was invisible suddenly stands out, magically present, no longer willing to be ignored.

            The discovery of the center of the Universe took place at night. This sensitivity was not located in just one particular human but was present in a small number of humans, including Hubble, Slipher, Carl Wertz, William de Sitter etc.      To tell the story of the birthplace of the Universe is to tell the story of Albert Einstein.

            The crucial period was the second decade of the twentieth century in Berlin. In order to tell the story of Einstein fits into the encompassing story.  For Einstein his equations revealed something unbelievable about the Universe as a whole. Einstein was stunned into bafflement by what he was seeing. All his life Einstein had assumed that the Universe was an unchanging infinite space.  But we see a large and more inclusive Einstein-event if we use the physics that flawed from his pencil one particular night. He was, at that moment, literally destroying and then recasting a central code of the Newtonian cosmology. In order, then, to understand what was happening there in the upper room of the Berlin apartment we need to understand the event through the very insights unfurling on the page.

            In the West and in industrial countries with Newtonian world view, guiding scientific research and offering an authority to the social and political and economic structures. Yet in the Newtonian framework it could be stated this way:  On November 22, 1914, Albert Einstein created his General Theory of Relativity, extending his Special Theory of Relativity into the case where gravitational effects are taken into account.” We need to reflect on Einstein as he sat at his desk stunned by what had appeared on the white paper. Einstein’s papers revealed something unbelievable about the Universe as a whole, - Einstein was stunned. Through these symbols the Universe whispered that it was expanding in every direction. This was an idea that, if true, would shatter the world-view of everyone.

Scientists took the Universe to be an unchanging macrocosm. Einstein never rejected this truth? Einstein doctored his equasions. He added a mathematical term – the “cosmological constant.” By altering the equasions he took away their secret story of expansion, and thereby preserved his attachment to an unchanging Universe. In Russia the mathematical cosmologist Alexender Friedman – worked with Einstein’s equasions, dropping off this one strange term – it turned out that Einstein’s equasion pointed to an expanding Universe. C. G. Jung’s summation comes to mind:” One finds one’s destiny on the path one takes to avoid it.” Edwin Hubble also discovered the distant galaxies and they are expanding away from us. Only when Einstein saw galaxies expanding away from us did he realize that his original insight concerning a dynamic expanding Universe was in fact the truth.

The Universe was expanding – had an edge to its existence. The Universe had a birthplace. At the end of his life, when Einstein  reflected – with its historic work at the highest level of genius through five decades, he concluded that the doctoring of his field equasions in order to escape their prediction of an expanding Universe represented “the greatest blunder of my scientific career.”


The above has all been adopted  from its source in:
“The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos” by Brian Swimme