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The Place Where the Universe Began


            If we look out to the great sea of galaxy clusters, we find that the clusters are moving away from us. In every direction we look we find clusters of galaxies expanding away from us.

            Edwin Hubble – said not only are the galaxies expanding away from each other, they are moving away with a velocity related to the space between them. The farther apart they are, the faster they are flying away from each other. More precisely galaxies twice as far apart are sailing away from each other twice as fast. Galaxies ten times apart sail away ten times as fast.

            The image – the birthplace of the Universe – occurs in mythical and classical forms of consciousness ex. “the cosmic egg.” The scientific discovery has this dual nature of both old and new simultaneously. Each mode is primordial, each is qualitatively distance from the others: the aim in an ultimate sense is an integral understanding of the Universe grounded in both the scientific empirical detail and in our primordial poetic visions of the cosmos.

            Science proceeds rather with a series of hypotheses that can be tested and rejected on a basis of empirical discoveries – this reality is constantly revised…and so this larger body of experience is appropriated into the intellectual framework.

            Gamow’s postulate that the Universe began in a great explosion, Gamow’s postulate of a fiery beginning slowly advanced in status and his theory turned out to be true over the years. A single focus – Gamow’s prediction that there must be, throughout the Universe, a form of radiation that came from the primal birth of the Universe. Thus it  was in 1960’s all theoretical debate was swept aside when Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson actually detected the cosmic background radiation by Gamow. These two men captured the PHOTONS – particles of light – that had been set in motion 15 billion years ago when the Universe erupted into existence.

            The light Penzias and Wilson discovered originated in the primeval fireball itself and had been traveling for 15 billion years. To trace these photons back is to follow the trail back to that sacred place. That place is the cosmic center, the world’s naval, the sacred origin point of being.

            We now have some details of the story never even suspected before – when humans – have the possibility of a story of the Universe that can guide us as a whole species as we enter the future. But the story has one added complexity. We need to move beyond a paradox…….. hunkered down in the basement of your mind, with its apparent irrationality sapping away your psychic energy. This news would have given a magnificent new understanding of the Universe = the measurement of the cosmic egg’s appearance. There is no added complexity…we need to move beyond a paradox with its apparent irrationality sapling away your psychic energy.

This section to be continued in the next chapter from:
“The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos”  by Brian Swimme

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